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Size and Type Code of Container



The letters and numerals of the owner code, equipment category identifier, serial number and check digit shall be not less than 100 mm (4 in) high.
All characters shall be of proportionate width and thickness, they shall be durable and in a colour contrasting with that of the container.

Size and Type Lookup Tool

  • Standard dry van
  • High cube dry van
  • Reefer
  • Open top
  • Flat rack
  • Tank



Main characteristics

This information is mandatory.
When displayed on the container, the size and type codes shall be used as a whole.

Size code designation

The two alphanumeric characters used to designate the size code of the container are chosen as follows:

Type code designation (ISO 6346 AMENDMENT 3)

The third characters gives the codes to identify the container type and other characteristics related to its type.

Warning: new container type code using an alpha character in the 4th position of the size-type code indicates a container of reduced strength. (See detailed type code ‘b’)

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