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There are three main types of reefer ships based on the types for shipment of perishable goods


  1. Reefer Cargo Ships

    • Traditional ships are intended for carriage of reefer cargoes in bulk.
    • Pure pallet ships are intended for carriage of palletized goods in all cargo spaces
    • Freezers are intended for carriage of fish and other frozen goods. Here are the types.

(a) Fish carriers are vessels intended to carry mainly frozen fish and sometimes frozen cargo

(b) Fish Factory vessels are vessels built as fishing and/or fish processing vessels, but also able to carry frozen cargoes.

(c) Freezers or primary frozen goods carrier are purposely built to carry frozen cargoes.

  1. Reefer Containerships

  2. Fruits Juice Carriers have special cargo tanks.


Refrigerated Containers which plug in to the electrical system on container ships are also known as reefers.


Reefers carry perishable goods in specially ventilated holds to keep the cargo at an evenly cool temperature.


Types of Refrigerated cargo


Refrigerated ships are used to transport perishable commodities which require temperature-controlled transportation


Mostly Fruits, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Dairy Products and other foodstuffs.

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