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Cargo companies provide freight services for commercial and residential shippers. Over 80 companies provide freight services from and to any point within the US. Most of these companies also transport to international destinations. Cargo companies specialize in one or more methods of transportation.

Air Cargo – There are fifty airlines that transport over 90% of all cargo through the skies. Some of the leaders in this sector include, Federal Express, United Parcel Service, Emirates, and Korean Air. Air Cargo is a leading transportation solution for safety and speed of delivery. The downside of this service is the cost associated.

Water Cargo – Transports cargo in containers cost efficiently. The drawback of this method of transportation is the time. Delivery can be weeks between destinations. There are many mega shippers that operate fleets throughout the world. The three top companies based upon weight carrying capacity are A.P. Moller-Maersk, Mediterranean Shipping Company, and CMA CGM. These companies employ thousands of people and service well over one hundred countries.

Rail Cargo – Union Pacific and CSX are two leading railway companies in the United States. Rail cargo transports bulk commodities from major cities to major cities or seaports. The limiting factor of using rail is the service areas. The gain of course if the cost per tonnage to transport goods and materials.

Over The Road Cargo – Tractor trailers service over 70% of the total tonnage moved in the US. LTL and FTL services are available in every state, city, and town. There are thousands of local and national trucking companies that service our nation. Familiar names such as UPS, FedEx, and the USPS are companies that operate in this sector. People often turn to third party logistic services for help. 3PL companies help navigate the choices of available carriers.


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