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Thursday , April 25 2019
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ship register

Types of ship registration


Types of ship registration There are various types of ship registration Source : Traditional¬†: Traditional registers are ship registers that are administered by an individual country as a national registry for the registration of their own ships flying their own flag, owned, operated and manned by nationals of that …

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Which ships need to be registered


  Which ships need to be registered..?? Any ship over 100 GT irrespective of whether it is a cargo vessel, fishing vessel, passenger vessel etc, has to be registered.. This registration grants the ship physical and legal protection of that flag/flag state which may be applied to vital areas such …

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Information about ship registry or ship register


Many of us may have heard about ship register, ship registration, ship registry, flag state, flags of convenience etc.. While a few are synonyms, the rest are not.. This article discusses the various aspects of ship registration, the types of ship registers, the conditions required to be part of a …

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