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Thursday , April 25 2019

How LCL shipping works

How LCL shipping works Ocean freight has been transformed since the 1950s by the introduction of standardised, stackable shipping containers. 90% of non-bulk cargos are containerised and so, to optimise the filling of them, groupage has arisen – a ‘groupage’ definition is the amalgamation of loads into one bigger more cost-effective …

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Difference between a 40’ High Cube container and a 45’ High Cube container


difference between a 40’ High Cube container and a 45’ High Cube container is 5′ in length A 45′ container is an ISO standard container designed primarily for clients who want more volumetric carrying capacity..  container is very popular in USA. A 45′ container has lifting points at 40′ and …

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Tips for Cargo Import Business


General reasons why people import are For the purpose of trading either domestically or further on to neighboring countries  To create and develop a market in their country for a niche product.. For example, some entrepreneur may sense a gap in the market for a niche product (like a brand …

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What is oversize Freight?


WHAT IS OVERSIZE FREIGHT? A lot goes into determining freight size and weight restrictions—definitions can range from individual carriers themselves, the road limitations such as an area’s infrastructure, or state laws, amongst other factors. When a freight load exceeds these defined limitations, it is referred to as oversize freight, oversize …

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What is drayage


WHAT IS DRAYAGE? In the shipping industry, drayage is commonly used to mean two very different things. 1. DRAYAGE & SEA SHIPPING CONTAINERS Drayage is also used in reference to the short haul transporting of sea containers from the pier to a nearby intermodal rail facility. This service is also …

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White Glove vs Final mile Delivery


WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FINAL MILE DELIVERY AND WHITE GLOVE? Final mile delivery may include white glove services such as professional installation and setup. When white glove services are requested, a team of professionals will install the shipped item after delivery is made. For example, when you buy a …

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About Specialized Freight Services


WHAT TYPES OF FREIGHT REQUIRE SPECIALIZED SERVICES? 1. Fragile, oversized, or complex items that need an additional layer of protection, such as: Sensitive electronics and devices: office equipment or medical devices and instruments—anything sensitive to bumps, jolts, or knocks Fragile robotics and industrial equipment: complex machinery with moving parts that require extra protection …

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Types of ship registration


Types of ship registration There are various types of ship registration Source : Traditional : Traditional registers are ship registers that are administered by an individual country as a national registry for the registration of their own ships flying their own flag, owned, operated and manned by nationals of that …

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Which ships need to be registered


  Which ships need to be registered..?? Any ship over 100 GT irrespective of whether it is a cargo vessel, fishing vessel, passenger vessel etc, has to be registered.. This registration grants the ship physical and legal protection of that flag/flag state which may be applied to vital areas such …

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what is an IMO Number


  International Maritime Organisation (IMO) needed a method to enhance maritime safety, achieve pollution prevention and facilitate the prevention of maritime fraud.. Therefore in 1987, they adopted resolution A.600(15) which became mandatory on 1st January 1996.. Under this resolution, each ship was assigned a permanent number (like a passport or ID document for …

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